Our group represents a total of 30+ years of experience in the inudstry, ranging in verticals from recruiting to marketing to even the clinical sciences. We currently work with a number of technologies, including Ruby, Java, Javascript, PHP, RESTful and SOAP web services, and databases such as Postgres and MongoDB. We also work with many of the markup languages, including HTML5, XML, and XSL transformations. We like taking on new technologies as part of our assignment as this makes us a stronger, more diverse team.
  • 2012


    We are a group of professionals and programmers, who enjoy solving problems and developing innovative solutions for our clients. We started working together in 2012 and have been slowly growing our team, client base, and expertise in business.


We believe in respecting one another and respecting the client. In our work we have developed a company culture and philosophy related to this that can be broken down and understood easily and quickly into ten points.

1. Sign your work.

Always be proud of the work that you present to others. Always be able to sign your work, show it off, and be able to use that good work, in turn, to affect the professional relationship with others.

2. Always ship trunk.

'Trunk' in this sentence is a term which we use to mean the main branch of a code tree or project. We always work so that the quality in the code is not added after the fact; it should be in the main branch of the code, and every branch after that. We should be able to ship that trunk every day without any issues or fear of regressions.

3. Test every day.

Code can be tested in many different ways, and there are now ways that developers can even write code to test code. Part of each developer's work should be to write not only manual test cases which can be used as a script later on, but code that tests code, and support test-driven development, or TDD.

4. Listen to users.

As developers, we can get bogged down in only working in a small group, and not getting out to the end users who will be using the product. We believe that getting the feedback from the end user is the most important driver of feature development.

5. Write more docs.

To the end of getting information from users, we also have to give information to users as well, and get their feedback. One of the ways that we can do this is to generate clear, concise but thorough communications about what our products do and how they work.

6. Code review often.

One of the other hallmarks of an agile process is code review, and having another developer in the company review your work before it is committed into the source code repository. This is something we actively encourage our developers to participate in, so that they can learn from one another but also break changes down into smaller, accessible, easy-to-test pieces.

7. Back, Butt, Bytes.

We also value a work-life balance. We realize that the day is long and that working in a chair all day can be exhausting, even when you aren't moving. We encourage each employee to be active and plan our day to allow for other activities and events.

8. Don't forget details.

As a group, we value active communication since it's a great way to hammer out requirements and the next deliverable. But we are also aware of the fact that working towards something very complex takes time, and that there are many details that have to be thought out and decided before some projects can move ahead. We are very mindful and detail-oriented in this way so that we can create things of great value.

9. Respect other views.

In design reviews or code reviews, we can certainly have differing opinions on a topic. It's healthy to disagree but also to listen and understand the other side's point of view. Even healthier still is to come to a compromise where both parties can believe in the solution being discussed. We believe that respect is a large part of our success with one another.

10. Don't Repeat Yourself.

Finally, the tenth point here is a reminder that we should not create extra complexity and work for ourselves. Going back to details and generating what the user wants are both very important, but they have to be approached in such a way that we generate a simple yet valuable product. In that sense we try every day to not repeat ourselves, and practice code reuse.


Part of what defines us and our work is our skill set. We are adding new resources every day but these skills make up the core of our consulting and technical abilities. We have a stable base of consultants to work with in all aroun the world, so other skills can be added easily and quickly to a project.

Java EE

Ruby on Rails


Javascript + jQuery

Our clients

Our team has been successfully implementing many projects, bringing to the client the high-quality, easy-to-use applications. We achieve these results by virtue of longstanding cooperation and experience with world-renowned companies, whose experience of many years and technical leadership have allowed us the insight of best practices in Agile project management. Because of this, we’re able to deliver on the most exacting client solution.